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At Montbello Organizing Committee we are dedicated to fostering equity within the education system. We collaborate closely with Denver Public Schools, individual schools, nonprofits, and foundations to address crucial issues that impact students in our community.

Initiatives & Focus Areas

MOC has assumed a robust leadership position advocating for positive change in areas such as:

  • Learning and growth opportunities

  • Healthy food access and education

  • Advocacy and student well-being

Student Success

MOC is dedicated to creating learning and growth opportunities for students, ranging from internships to summer jobs. Our partnerships have facilitated these valuable experiences, empowering youth and contributing to their personal and professional growth.

Education Partners

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Resources for Parents

Community Hubs

Working hand in hand with the DPS Family and Community Engagement team, The Far Northeast Community Hub located at John Amesse actively engages in supporting

a myriad of school activities and projects within DPS that directly impact families

and students within its expansive reach. 

  • Home energy assistance

  • A food program that provides a temporary supplement for families struggling to provide for their households

  • Provision of essential necessities

  • A workforce program that fosters economic empowerment by connecting participants with employment opportunities and offering guidance on career development

  • Adult education programs, including ESL, GED Spanish, Spanish courses, Child Development programs, and parenting workshops

If you have a DPS student and want to

learn more, visit:


Have questions or want to learn more?

Contact us.

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