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Montbello’s all-electric passenger vehicle, which is equipped with a

rear-wheelchair lift, provides qualified nonprofits, community groups,

and other Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) with an accessible

and efficient transportation option.  


The Electric Passenger Van service plays a pivotal role in our commitment to sustainable transportation options within Montbello. This service offers

a convenient and efficient means of local travel and enables organizations to easily journey together beyond the community, addressing potential gaps in existing transportation options.

Our electric van is specifically designed to offer a comfortable and convenient travel experience. It can accommodate up to nine passengers, along with one wheelchair user. The van is equipped with a rear-wheelchair lift, ensuring accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges.

Apply to be an Approved User:
IMG_0426-min 2.png

Approved Users:

To access the Electric Passenger Van service, Montbello-based nonprofits, organizations, and groups need to apply and become approved users of the e-passenger van. Approval is dependent on several factors, including:


  • Organization location: The organization must be located within Montbello.

  • Target population: The organization's services must primarily serve Montbello residents.

  • Insurance coverage: The organization must have appropriate liability and automobile coverage.

  • Qualified driver: The organization must identify a dedicated driver with a clean driving record and background check to operate the
    e-passenger van.


Once approved, organizations gain access to the Electric Passenger Van service and can benefit from its sustainable transportation options.

Reservation and Booking

Approved users of the Electric Passenger Van service can conveniently reserve and book the van online through our booking system. By providing the desired date, time, and trip information, users can secure their spot and plan their journey. Additionally, they will need to add the Montbello Organizing Committee as an additional insured party in their insurance policies.

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