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Launching Montbello Moves: Electric Transportation for the Community

Montbello Moves is an exciting initiative being undertaken by Montbello Organizing Committee (MOC) to ensure Montbello residents have access to safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation options. This May, Montbello Moves will launch two FREE electric transportation options for the community.

Montbello Electric Bike Library

The e-bike library provides Montbello residents with a free, efficient and enjoyable transportation option to run errands, visit friends, exercise or commute to work or school. Ten electric bikes with a powerful electric assist will allow riders to navigate Montbello's streets with ease. In addition, two cargo bikes will provide options for transporting groceries, large items and passengers.


E-bike library rentals are free. Renters must complete the application process, participate in an introductory session and provide a credit card to cover charges related to loss, theft or damage. The e-bike library will be open from 10 am – 5 pm daily beginning May 24th.


Montbello Electric Passenger Van

The e-passenger van provides a free and efficient transportation option for Montbello-based nonprofits, organizations and groups to go on field trips, attend meetings or events and visit locations throughout the city. The van is equipped with a rear-wheelchair lift and can accommodate up to nine passengers, along with one wheelchair user.


Organizations interested in using the e-passenger van must go through the approval process, designate a driver with a clean driving record/background check and add Montbello Organizing Committee to their insurance policy. While use of the van is free, organizations will be financially responsible for charging, towing if the battery runs out and expenses related to any damage to the vehicle. 


Learn more and check out these new electric transportation options at the Open House on May 23rd from 3:30-5:30 pm at 12000 E. 47th Ave.

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