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The Montbello Loop initiative will create a pedestrian- and cycling-friendly pathway that connects key areas within our neighborhood, providing a safe and enjoyable way to explore Montbello. 

The Montbello Loop is a vibrant community initiative designed to encourage active transportation and foster community engagement. This innovative concept creates a pedestrian-friendly pathway that connects key areas within our neighborhood, providing a safe and enjoyable way to explore the local surroundings. 

By promoting walking and cycling as a means of transportation, the Montbello Loop aims to reduce reliance on vehicles, enhance physical activity, and cultivate a stronger sense of community. It encourages residents and visitors alike to embrace the beauty of Montbello on foot or on wheels, fostering connections and interactions along the way. Montbello residents, leaders, and representatives collaborated to offer guidance and collectively reached decisions that are documented in the Community Vision and Concept. Check out the Montbello Loop Community Vision and Concept to see the goals and vision for the Montbello Loop. 

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The Montbello Loop offers a captivating 6-mile journey through the heart of Montbello showcasing the neighborhood's unique features, destinations, and landmarks. The route is thoughtfully designed to highlight Montbello's diversity and offer glimpses into its rich heritage. With each step, you'll uncover hidden gems and experience the authentic spirit of Montbello. Or if you prefer to bike, on 51st Avenue and Andrews Drive you'll discover two protected bike lanes providing safe and dedicated paths for cyclists to explore alongside pedestrians.

Among the many parks along the Loop, Montbello Central Park is a must-visit highlight along the route. This expansive park offers an array of amenities, including a playground for children, trails for walking and cycling, open fields for recreational activities, and even a thrilling bicycle pump track for the adventurous riders.

Pass by the bustling Peoria St. commercial corridor, a hub of local and national businesses and cultural experiences. Marvel at the stunning art installations that adorn the streets, adding a touch of creativity to your walk. Along the canals, you'll encounter captivating murals that add an artistic touch to your journey. Don't miss the remarkable "Home Sweet Montbello" mural by Detour303, located along Andrews Drive and Peoria. This striking artwork beautifully captures the essence and spirit of our community.

Discover community gardens, historic landmarks, and vibrant gathering spaces that reflect the essence of our neighborhood.

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